Rental Requirements

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New Rental Customer Accounts


Thank you for your interest in renting with AVLA Productions, Inc.  Below is a summary of our rental requirements.  Our policy for new customers on their first order is COD.  Please email or call us, if you have any questions. 


We look forward to your business!


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Insurance Requirements


AVLA Productions, Inc. requires both property and liability coverage.  AVLA must be named as a certificate holder.  


AVLA requires that all rental customers provide us with an insurance certificate, which must be greater than the value of the rented equipment.  The insurance certificate must list AVLA as an "Additional Insured"​ regarding liability coverage and as "Loss Payee"​regarding property coverage.  Insurance coverage must specify for “Rented / Leased Equipment”.  If your production will be taking the equipment outside the U.S.A., then your insurance must also include worldwide coverage.

At a minimum, your insurance must cover the entire rental period, from pick up or delivery date through your return date. Insurance must be verified and in place before any rental, so please email it promptly to avoid delays.  The insurance certificate must be issued and sent directly from the insurance company to AVLA Productions, Inc at   

Certificate Holder Box MUST READ as follows


AVLA Productions, Inc.

10061 Riverside Drive, Ste. 926

Toluca Lake, CA 91602



Required Deposit


Please be prepared to leave the deductible amount listed on your policy as a deposit.  A deposit can be cash, but most commonly is a “hold" of available credit from your credit card.  The deposit amount is not actually charged to your card, but is an “authorization” or “hold” of available funds.  You will not have access to those funds during your rental period.  Once the equipment returns and we have verified that there is no damage, the hold will be released. 


AVLA Productions, Inc. does not recommend using a debit card as a deposit because funds are removed from your bank account, and banks often take several days to process a refund. 


Payment Terms


Full payment of order is required prior to receipt of equipment. You may use cash, check, credit card or Zelle Quick Pay.  AVLA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  The cardholder MUST be present during rental pick up.  A legible photocopy of the cardholderʼs driverʼs license and the front & back of credit card(s) must be emailed to prior to renting gear.


In Lieu of Insurance


If you are renting equipment valued under $10,000 replacement cost and need a quick turnaround time for your rental, a security deposit in the amount of the equipmentʼs replacement value will be accepted in lieu of insurance.

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