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4 Pak Mini RGBW Wireless RF Remote LED Uplights

RF Control with 4 Zone control

75-90 ft. range

DMX via Cat5

Control drive by static precision current

Fan Cooling

Nixie tube display, with scene edit function

Cases includes a power strip and chargers

Idol 134ma

White 390ma 8.7hr. Runtime

Red 450ma 7.5hr. Runtime

Green 507ma 6.7hr. Runtime

Blue 490ma 6.9hr. Runtime

Amber 735ma 4.6hr. Runtime

Magenta 750ma 4.5 hr. Runtime

Teal 825ma 4 Hr. Runtime

Battery: 24v 3400ma

Panasonic cells

Size: 7" x 7" x 7.875"

Case Total Weight 22 lbs.

4 Pak Mini Tower RGBW Wireless RF Remote Uplights

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